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Miranda & Rosa, is a Company in Portugal, that operates in the purchase, sale and intermediation of large quantities of plastic, recycled, pressed or powder, we operate in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, England. Germany, we work with the following polymers: pp, pe, hdpe, abs, san, pps, pbt, polyacetal, rhin, celcon, nylon, polyamide, polycarbonate, pmma, acrylic, tpe, tpu, polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, we are very interested in position ourselves as buyers in the European environment, in 3 months in Europe our partners imported into the Brazilian market. about 475 tons of a lot polymers abs, san and polycarbonate, for 2018 we are interested in exporting at the end of the year about 10 thousand tons, if they have interest, our partners have all the necessary licenses for plastic waste acquisition, address for sending samples.

Rua Cerqueira de Vasconcelos 6 A Third Law, Zip Code: 3700-081 City São João da Madeira -Portugal











18.09.2022 17:26


Dear sir good day

I hope this mail you and your family good in health and safe.This is manjitsingh from Mumbai india working as an individually commodity sourcing freelancer working with lots of imp

28.04.2022 02:36


We would like to buy recycled plastics scrap (PVC/PP/HDPE/PET flake, regrind, pellet...)

21.04.2022 08:15

roberto mingotto acos srl -italia
we are italian importers of
abs- pa-gpps. regrind
Have you these materials?

12.04.2022 22:29


Dear Sir or Madam

I am wondering if you have recycled or offspec plastic material to sell, especially POM, PPS, PBT PVB ? could you please let me have its details ? we are a Hongkong based trading c

28.04.2022 10:52

Agadalberto Miranda

This my contact: +5511 93443 4646 I'm in Brasil on vacation but I can answer about interest in polymers

02.04.2022 22:21


Hi Miranda,
We are an export company based in the UK.
we are looking for ABS Black, White, and any other color no fiber, natural. as well as, any Polyamide natural PA06 or PA066.
Mobile +447453313696

15.03.2022 22:09

Hi Miranda

28.02.2022 11:15


Goodmorning ,

We are ZETAPLAST srl, company, based in Italy

we are leader company in trading , importing and distributing of RECYCLE PLASTIC MATERIALS

We are interested in all kind of material

22.02.2022 07:05



Capital tenders is procuring company with a chain of clients within East and Southern Africa. We are looking for a manufacturer or reseller for the following products



18.02.2022 10:58

Jose Ramon

Desde España , fabrica de plásticos, necesito PA 6 y abs blanco. Precio y plazo de entrega por favor. Gracias

03.01.2022 00:56

Tom Chen

Just see in scrapo website, you have pa12

07.12.2021 21:04

Punya Mahajan

Dear sir,
This is Punya Mahajan from Canadian Speciality Vinyls , India.
We are looking for off grades, off spec pvc, dry blends, regrinds ,reprocessed granules ,wet pvc, flexible

06.12.2021 14:30


Dear, Sir or Madam

My name is Inna Henhelia, I'm the supply manager of the company "Avtovin". We are license plate manufacturers and our company is based in Ukraine, 12 years experience allows us to

22.11.2021 06:54

Bhagwati enterprise

I want pom regular basis so please send details and price my whatsapp+919512638173

28.10.2021 08:56



I am trying to findf the following types of plastic:

PP (High Ridgitidity, Low MFI)

Many thanks


06.10.2021 06:56

Perlita Paredes

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Perlita, international commercial of the company TER PLASTIC RECYCLING.
We are a company which recycles and recovers plastic material, specialized with PS, PE, PP, PET, WE

12.09.2021 12:03


I need PA 6,6 GF or UNF,regrind,offspect or pellets,black or all kind of color.
Could you pls let me know your prices and conditions
Cell : + 31 634073200

08.09.2021 12:31

Korneliusz Lichocki

I am looking for grinded POM material. If you happen to have it, please let me know how many tons you have and how much 1t is. Could you also send a general picture? Thank you in advance.

11.08.2021 10:04


We need buy PMMA casting.We need Pmma casting 400tons per month and Pmma extrusion 100 tons per month.Please send me details on Our port Surabaya, Indonesia.

30.05.2021 02:41


We are interested in your PLA resin.

15.05.2021 08:58


Im looking for PC clear/natural, POM natural regrinds.

16.06.2021 18:10

Nuno Couteiro

I'm looking for PC clear/natural regrinds

19.03.2021 04:48

Chris Lee

I'm looking for regrind PC,PA,PC/ABS,PBT etc.. please contact me.

05.03.2021 12:43

Lu Xiao

Request from poland
We are looking for ABS and ASA regrind

11.12.2020 10:06

Dear Sir
How is it going?
Our company are looking for recycling plastic materials. Now, we are looking for the recycled:
PC any forms and colors (pellet/granules,regrind, scrap,lumps)without other ma

26.09.2020 11:10


could you mail us your offer for PMMA pellets.
our mail:

27.09.2020 14:39

Agadalberto Miranda

Hi we have pmma pellets , call me on whatsaap : + 351 918 876 554 Agadalberto Miranda

09.09.2020 19:27

William King (PLA)

I'm looking for PLA.
Please email me

17.07.2020 15:06


We are buyer from India, looking for PVC, LDPE, ABS Regrinds, Post Industrial Waste. Please send your quote at or whatsapp +91-9899124384

09.06.2020 13:32

Yousuf Ali

We have clean, sorted and identified nylon pa6 fishnets available on regular basis in form of export worthy bales. WhatsApp: +92 345 2454354 or

09.06.2020 13:31

Yousuf Ali

We have clean, sorted and identified nylon pa6 fishnets available on regular basis in form of export worthy bales.

23.04.2020 10:07

Plastic Scrap Trade Request / Mr. Atilla - Turkey

We are plastic scrap buyers from Turkey.

We are able to buy regularly.

checked your website.
This and attached scraps, PP, PE, OPP, LDPE, HDPE from all types of scraps, we are proceeding and tradin

01.03.2020 15:00

Martin Alvarado Moreno

boa tarde, somos uma empresa espanhola de importação e exportação de fibras têxteis, gostaríamos de ter contato com você para conhecer seus produtos e chegar a um acordo comercial. Telef 34-660714641

11.12.2019 08:27

David Ivins

Do you have ABS Regrind extrusion grade (Sheet) or Injection grade Post-industrial or Post Consumer.
25 Tons White (not mixed) Monthly
50 Tons Black Monthly
Price per ton CIF SA

15.10.2019 01:22

Good day,
This is Karen from Grain Will Trading Co., Ltd
We have a big plastic recycling factory in Malaysia to produce ABS pellets.

If you can supply Weee and ABS/PS flakes plastic scrap (shr

27.09.2019 06:53


Our company are looking for recycling plastic materials. Now, we are looking for the recycled PC(without GF), HIPS, ABS , ABS/PC , LCP , in any shapes and colors (pellet,regrind, scrap,lumps all fin

27.09.2019 10:34


Please contact me on whatsaap 351 918 876 554

07.08.2019 08:09

Tom Wan

Hi, we are looking to buy PC, PC/ABS and ABS on a regular basis. Are you able to offer accordingly? Pls contact Mr. Tom Wan on


03.07.2019 03:49


Dear Sirs/Madams

Our company BMBG LIMITED is leading importer plastic recycle materials.

We purchase about 2000 metric tons of material every month.

We have pelletising plants in Malaysia and Thai

17.09.2019 14:40


Hello, please contact Mr Miranda on mobile +351918876554 sorry for the delay

30.05.2019 06:57


Hello sirs,

We are looking to buy These materials:

HDPE ex pipe/rohr Regrind
HDPE - PE100 ( gaz /water)

28.05.2019 15:30



We need PC water bottle scrap regularly.

We also need ABS, PP, HIPS, GPPS, HDPE on regular basis.

Please let me know if there is any availability.

Thanks in advance.

29.04.2019 09:10

Christopher Hung

We are nylon reprocessed pellets manufacturer and compounders. We are interested to know your PA6 black, please give us more information with pictures regarding this availability.

19.04.2019 22:20

nahid giersch

we are interested in airbag fabrics in rolls, cut pcs. & trimmings.
kindly quote us your offer, monthly supply capacity with current inventory pictures.

29.04.2019 09:38


Good morning, please contact my phone number +351918 876 554(whatsaap) Miranda/Rosa, thanks

15.03.2019 03:52

Joe Chung

Hello .
I am interesting the ABS and PC material . may I have have specification information .
Please contact to my Email :
Joe Chung .

11.03.2019 08:45


Hello. Regarding my short message, I left on your answering system.I could be interested in TPu regrind Sha 92A . Please contact me on +48605278528 /WhatsApp/or

14.02.2019 14:18

Guilherme Schrago

Trabalho com reciclagem de acrílico no Brasil. Tenho uma demanda de 60 a 80 toneladas de sucata de acrílico mensais, podendo chegar a 100. Aguado contato para discutir a oportunidade. Obrigado

15.02.2019 07:45


Bom dia , segue meu Whatsaap +351918 876 554, fico no aguardo do seu contato,

27.11.2018 16:18

Khanh Dang

This is Ken from Vietnam. We would like to buy your PP recycled resins granules and LDPE/HDPE recycled resins granules.
My contact Whatsapp: +60143476096

15.02.2019 07:54


Good morning, I only work with technical material.

27.11.2018 07:48

Khanh Dang

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to buy Recycled PP Granule for our PP Woven Bag manufacturing units in Vietnam. (

Please advise if you supply the products: Recycled PP re